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Orientals and siameses

The person's cultural level can
be measured by how well he can
understand a cat.
Bernard Show

Oriental and Siamese cats have a lot of admirers and their popularity is growing. Oriental cats are really tender and attractive; they are charming and delightful, they are remarkable and very original...

Oriental cats

An oriental kitten can't turn your house upside down, but it can do that to your soul in a short time and not even notice it!!!

They have a volcanic character and Oriental and Siamese kittens develop early. As soon as they are born they have strong personality, and they are very sure of themselves. However kittens should not be taken away from their mother before twelve weeks old. Then they will grow up to be more balanced and less subject to sicknesses. If you visit a kitten with it's siblings and stay there for a little time you can even form your own opinion about it's mind and character.

Oriental and Siamese cats are strongly attached to their nest and seek contact. They like to play, eat and sleep together and also they like to test their strength.

Oriental kittens

Flexible, elegant, clever and inventive Siamese and oriental cats are very sociable, they love playing and get along with children. Some people compare them to dogs, because they like to fetch toys and bring them to your feet. They are devoted and separation is very hard for them. Oriental and Siamese cats can look into your eyes and socialize with you. They also react to your attention by making different noises with different intonations.

Oriental and Siamese cats can come to a mutual understanding with each other with different noises, subtle body and eye movements, or in special circumstances, by bending parts of or their whole bodies. However a cat's noises have a special place in it's dictionary.

Oriental and Siamese cats are excellent and they can delighted you endlessly... However the emotional and physical condition of the animals are more important than their color, appearance and even prizes at shows. Cats are not dolls and not live toys, which you can just put on a shelf! Unfortunately a lot of people make this mistake.

And finally, if a kitten is healthy, all problems can be solved with sympathy!

Ориентальная кошка Este Hathor